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NDIS Plan Management

NDIS is a way to make sure that Australians can choose the service providers they want. Qualifying individuals and families will be able to have NDIS cover certain services, depending on the level of services needed. Plan For Me manage your NDIS funding so you can rest at ease knowing that your finances are all taken care of so you can focus on what is important. We’ve been working for and on behalf of our clients as Plan Management Specialists since 2017, it’s all we do, so we know it inside out!

Plan For Me isn’t just about people with disabilities. It is also about helping friends and families who care for, and support individuals with disabilities. Plan For Me understands that in order to enjoy a high quality of life, participants need access to services that allow them the dignity of independent living and the freedom to enjoy life with the friends and family.

Provider Liaison

We can liaise with providers on your behalf to ensure services and quotes are within your NDIS budget and schedules so that you get to do the activities that you love the most in the most cost effective way.

Payment of Accounts

You won't have to worry about navigating internet banking, or worrying whether you paid that last bill. We'll make sure all invoices are paid on time and let you know where your funding is being spent.

Budget Monitoring

Making the most of your funding is important! We have the skills and knowledge of the system to make sure you are correctly spending your funding, and will let you know if there are other things you are entitled to.

Future Planning

The activities and funding that NDIS covers changes from time to time. We keep our finger on the pulse of industry news and can adjust your plan to make sure you are always getting the most that you possibly can.

For Support Coordinators

Plan For Me loves working with Support Coordinators that hold the same values as we do. That is to "To provide a personalised service that meets our participants' needs with integrity and compassion “. We know just how hard you work and that is why we have a "same day payment" for all our Support Coordinators we engage with. Please feel free to download our Service Agreement for any of your clients who wish to use Plan For me as their Plan Manager.

Let us do the tricky bits...

Plan For Me is designed to provide each participant with the level of support that they require.
We recognise that a lot of participants are not “tech savvy”, or perhaps have carers acting on their behalf that feel overwhelmed with modern technology. It is here where we stand out, ensuring that everyone can make the most of their NDIS plan.

There is a large selection of Plan Managers on the market at the moment, offering lots of fantastic IT, apps, and software programs, Plan For Me has these too, but also the option to just sit back and let us handle the financial side.

Ndis Plan Manager Sunshine Coast North
Ndis Plan Management Sunshine Coast 2
Ndis Plan Manager Cooroy Noosa
Ndis Plan Management Sunshine Coast

Accredited Bookkeeper

Plan For Me are accredited bookkeepers with The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers so you can relax, knowing that your payments are in good hands

We will ensure that your provider’s accounts are paid within 5 business days.

The Institue of Certified Bookkeepers

Let's get started!

To have access to a plan manager you need to have funding for it in your NDIS plan, every participant is entitled to this service, at no cost to you!

If you already have it allocated in your plan under Improved Life Choices, you are all set to either call or email us to get started today. If your current plan does not have funding for this, that’s OK. You can request it at any time.

Plan For Me has created a simple form to help with your request, you can print it, email it or call us from the list to assist you in the process even before you have the funding.

Let's Chat!

If you have a question, or would just like to talk about NDIS plan management and what we can do for you, give us a call! We'd love to help you and would be happy to have a chat.